Princess Lillian and Grandpa’s Goodbye

Lillian is a little girl who’s about to learn about one of life’s biggest changes. She’s finding herself in a new kind of place – with new sights and smells and sounds. She’s about to see the frailty of life for the first time. She’s nervous and unsure about her surroundings, her parents’ sadness, and the man in the strange bed.

If he’s going home, why are we still sad? What is the King Above All Nations’ home like? Why do we have to wait to see each other again? How can I know the Great King if I’m too little to read His book?

I absolutely love this book and am so thankful that our Great King put this story in Jenny Fulton’s heart to share. She and illustrator Indra Grace Hunter render a child’s perspective of a new and unnerving experience with truth and imagery to soothe and encourage our souls.

She clearly explains that death is not the end and that those who travel with the Great King while here on earth have much to hope for after death, and she helps us learn how to travel with the Great King.

You can find Princess Lillian and Grandpa’s Goodbye in kindle or paperback on Amazon (here) or request it from your local library.

More about Jenny Fulton

More about Indra Grace Hunter

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